Sean C. Winslow is busy these days. The 2030 Consulting LLC CEO was recently named interim Chief Operating Officer for the European Union’s leading provider of grant management software – Zip International Limited.

Zip International Limited revolutionized the Hungarian government’s grant management processes with its flagship innovation, now branded as the DOTO System internationally. The system’s tracking capabilities have made it the technology companion to more than 100,000 unique projects and impacting over 10 million citizens of Hungary and abroad.

Now, Zip International Limited CEO László Galambos wants to bring the DOTO System to the United States.

He selected Winslow and his 2030 Consulting team to help make this a reality.

Winslow shared, “It’s very exciting for us. The features the DOTO System offers – pipeline management views, reconciliation options, disaster recovery tracking – all provide incredible efficiency opportunities here in the United States.”

When the two Chief Executive Officers meet, they must rely on a translator. Neither seems to mind.

Winslow insists, “We don’t speak the same language literally – but we definitely speak the same language figuratively. We have shared faith in innovation, accountability and responsible technology of the future.”

As 2030 Consulting LLC gears up to advise several headlining international projects, the boutique firm is quickly becoming one to watch.

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