In September, I completed my last day as ‪a Global Leader, Business Strategist, and Innovator with BIOVIA. When I joined a very small, Irish-based, highly-ambitious, Blarney-stone eloquent company with a name nobody understood…i.e. QUMAS, I would have never imagined I would receive such a highly developmental and productive 17 years of what I fondly considered a ‘School of Hard Knocks MBA Education’. Two acquisitions and three company-wide integrations later, I am grateful for the leaders who brought me in, the colleagues I co-created with, and the dear friends I have made during my tenure.

Moving on, I am furthering my practice in the areas of ‪ ‪change leadership, business development, and breakthrough solutions . I will be taking time to explore how I can best contribute my leadership, ‎creativity and management in these areas, in freelance, ‎consulting or organizational leadership contexts. I also look forward to sharing my exciting endeavors, and the associated challenges and triumphs, and soliciting feedback through social media articles and posts.

In particular, I have recently started a short-term research project to understand the deadly and incurable effects of #IdiopathicPulmonaryFibrosis (IPF); as this brings together my expertise in business development and the business of pharmaceutical development with my interest in facilitating breakthrough solution businesses that not only improves lives, but in some cases will actually prolong and save lives.

I offer my best wishes to my (now) former management and colleagues. I welcome the good wishes and assistance of any who know of opportunities for me to contribute in the areas I mention above.