The CertEx project team member is strategically important to clients and suppliers. Throughout the engagement, they remain the best person to provide clarity or negotiate with stakeholders on conflicting requirements, risks, etc. As a liaison between clients and suppliers, they assume the “trusted advisor” role and can offer an abundance of valuable insight to both parties. Clients and suppliers who do not engage credentialed project team resources can expect to face the substantial risks associated with other resourcing options.

2030 Consulting specializes in COTS Solutions and Services and have revolutionized the approach to verifying that professional service personnel have adequate education, skills, and/or experience to perform assigned task on your software solution projects.  We ensure that consultants are Certified and Experienced (CertEx). Please contact us to discuss how our CertEx partnerships can help your organization:

• Suppliers and Partners: Launch or improve CertEx Business Analyst Services or incorporate them into your deployment methods and offerings
• Clients: Find a CertEx Business Analyst for your next project
• CertEx Business Analysts: Offer greater value to your prospects and clients with CertEx services