Every business toolbox needs a great mission statement – a simple, effective mission statement prominently displayed in a company’s lobby or on a homepage facilitates the communication of clear goals, ensures resources remain on a designated course, and promotes heightened energy levels. It’s also very important for newcomers to an organization…after all, if the company’s mission statement doesn’t grab your emotions in some positive manner, then it’s probably not the company you’re looking for, and vice-versa.

I was an honored with a great opportunity to provide business development advisory services at Phelix Therapeutics (www.phelixtherapeutics.com), a Philadelphia-based biotech passionate about solving the certain mortality of people diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), a rare and serious irreversible lung disease. When I first began assessing the company and its pool of scientists fearlessly lead by CEO Dr. Doron Greenbaum, I was delighted by the commitment and excitement expressed within this organization. I could feel my own pulse racing as Dr. Greenbaum’s enthusiastic voice would suddenly change pitch as he described his team’s biologic and chemistry discoveries. After observing and listening for quite some time (often searching the internet feverishly to understand the unfamiliar and complex chemistry and biology terms being cheered), I asked the CEO “so what exactly is your mission?”

In so many words, Doron (which I’m comfortable calling him by this point, as he was extremely personable during our first few meetings) explained that he and his fellow scientists are:

‘truly dedicated to discovering ways to inhibit the scarring process involved in IPF, which would save the lives of people diagnosed with this deadly disease, and could allow them to resume completely normal lives again.’
He went on to say:

‘By developing such innovative treatments, there’s a high potential to resolve other Fibrotic Diseases.’
And there is was! With some wordsmithing and trimming, the CEO of Phelix Therapeutics just provided a clear, easy to understand mission. It included the who, what, and why ingredients of a great mission statement.

During this assessment, I was moved, and the fear of my lack-luster chemistry understanding was overcome with the enthusiasm of potentially being a part of the ‘Dedicated We’ that may someday be responsible for saving the lives of people diagnosed with Fibrotic Diseases. After sharing my appreciation for his response, I sent him his own, slightly-tailored words in an email with the subject line Your Mission Statement:

Dedicated to saving the lives of people diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, and other Fibrotic Diseases, by developing innovative treatments to this fatal condition.

Now the Phelix Therapeutics missions statement can be clearly observed by, and provide a beacon to management, employees, partners, investors, and (ultimately) saved patients.

Do you know your company’s mission statement?

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